Photos from our January Journey

In January  we set off on the western section of our adventure! Here’s some photos from our January Journey!

Fun in the snow!

Thankfully we didn’t have to do TOO much digging out of the trailer

Reading stories with Papa was a favorite activity – especially “The Book with No Pictures”

Eliza loves the animals wherever we go!

The road south

It was too cold to camp until we got to Texas, so we spent a few days in hotels (also recovering from the stomach flu!)

Eliza got some awesome new thrift store boots in Oklahoma!

A REALLY COOL children’s museum in Oklahoma!

We had a wonderful visit with Kimberlee’s aunt and uncle in Texas!

A visit to see real dinosaur footprints

Keeping an eye out for more footprints


A visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, TX!

The kids had a great time with their (second) cousins!

A visit to NASA was INCREDIBLE!

The best waffles we’ve ever eaten!

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream will make any waffles delicious!

Cousins checking out the fish

Taking a hike on a Texas ranch

One Month on the Road – An Infographic

We just passed the one-month mark of our adventure! That means it’s time for an infographic! (with a written update following the infographic)

It was a pretty hectic start to our adventure as we tried to move everything out of our house and prepare our new “houses wheels” for the journey ahead.

Since the actual house was FINALLY set to close (and we were feeling pretty confident about it), we decided to sign all of the paperwork early and hit the road a little over a week before the close. Silly us. Just three days before the closing, we got news that our buyers’ house sale fell through.

After several days of stress, we decided to continue on our adventure at least through Christmas as planned rather than coming back to an empty house. Unfortunately, this meant that free evenings had to be spent doing a bunch more web design work to pay the mortgage rather than writing new blog posts 🙂

A couple weeks later, our buyers were able to find a new buyer for their home! We’re now set to hopefully close (for real) at the end of December so we can continue our journey in the new year.

While the updates here will continue to be sparse over the next month, Kimberlee’s been slightly more successful keeping our Instagram account updated. Until next time – happy holidays!

It’s actually happening!!!

Woohoo!!!! It’s almost time for our departure!! After a bunch of unexpected setbacks, we’ve finally reached the official launch date for our adventure! On Tuesday, October 24, we will set off on this crazy trip of a lifetime!

The truck has been fixed, the house is set to close (fingers crossed!), and we’re now cleaning out the final remnants of the house while trying to pack everything we think we might need without over-packing too many things we won’t.

Since we want to finish our travels in time for Quintin to start kindergarten next fall, we’ve modified the route and will now be on the road for 9 months instead of the original year (Maine – I won’t be seeing you this time, but I’m still coming for you one of these autumns!)

We’ve updated the travel plan on the website and will be marking our progress as we go, as well as posting blog posts and instagram photos more regularly once we hit the road. Don’t forget to let us know if you want to see us along the way!

One last campfire at our house before we depart!