In the fall of 2017 our family (Kimberlee, Nick, Quintin, and Eliza) said goodbye to our house, our jobs, and our community, and set off on a cross-country adventure.

As we’ve traveled, we have tried to follow a few general guidelines:

  • Visit friends – Life together in a 15-foot trailer could get a little…close. Being in community with friends and family is important to us, so we began planning our travel route by putting everybody we’d like to visit on a map. If you’d like us to try to visit you on our journey, be sure to let us know!
  • Plan the big picture, don’t fret the details – Part of the reason for our travel is to get away from feeling confined to our daily schedules. We want room to be spontaneous and check out historical markers, take park suggestions from a stranger, or explore a waterfall that might not be on our exact route. We have the general movement of where we’d like to be each month, but we’re not worrying about the exact details of each day.
  • Be open – We don’t know exactly where the literal or metaphorical road will take us. We’ll hit plenty of bumps along the way, and will probably hate being around each other at numerous points. We’ll also have experiences and be changed in ways we can’t fathom. We want to embrace the ups and downs – and be open to the full experience.