The Paint Job Part 1: Choosing a Design

We went through some pretty awful ideas when brainstorming how to paint the exterior of our trailer. Designs like these:

Awful paint job ideas
Ugh, right?! We felt constrained by the long horizontal lines, and we wanted to do something a bit more out of the box. Here what we were starting with:

After hours creating mockups that we hated, we finally did what all great artists do and decided to take inspiration from others (aka steal). So off we went to Pinterest and saw several trailers using the scallop design. YES! That was it! Now we just had to pick a color:

Color ideas

I wish we could say we settled on the blue color because of some deep meaning – like reminding us of an adventure on the ocean waves, or floating on the clouds in our family sky-mobile. The decision came down to much more practical reason.

We didn’t want the paint job to break the bank, and had read good things about using tractor paint (very durable). Unfortunately, the paint we were looking at didn’t have very many color options and the last thing we wanted was the trailer to look like a farming implement or a hunting lodge. So we mixed a gallon of white paint with a gallon of “Ford Blue” and ended up with this:

Final Trailer

Given the options we started with, we’re happy with how it turned out! Although those polka dots would’ve been rad 🙂

Next week we’ll share about the painting process and what we used to get the end result without breaking the bank.